Serious Motor Vehicle Accident in East Fallowfield
By Deputy Fire Chief Randy Scott
December 27, 2018

On Wednesday December 26th, 2018 at 1730, the Westwood Fire Company along with Paramedics from Brandywine Hospital were dispatched to the intersection of Doe Run Road and Wilmington Road in East Fallowfield Township for a motor vehicle accident with reports of one person in cardiac arrest.

Deputy Chief Scott arrived just after dispatch and established Doe Run Command and requested a second ambulance for the occupant of the other vehicle along with Fire Police to close the road down which alerted the Traffic Unit from the Modena Fire Company.

Deputy Chief Scott who lives just down the street responded and arrived less than one minute after dispatch to find a two vehicle accident and confirmed one occupant was out of the vehicle and CPR was being performed. Upon further scene size up Deputy Chief Scott realized that one of our members and paramedic was already on scene, Past EMS Chief Chris Biddle. Deputy Chief Scott along with Past EMS Chief Biddle quickly utilized the medical equipment including an AED which is carried in all of our vehicles. Once additional resources arrived including Ambulance 44-1, the AED had already been applied and gave notification to deliver a shock to the patient.

Prior to the patient being loaded into Ambulance 44 for transport, (2) successful shocks from the AED were given to the patient followed up by constant CPR. Once inside the ambulance, the paramedics from Brandywine took over with the use of pharmalogical intervention to try and restore a heart rate to the patient. The Paramedics while enroute to Brandywine Hospital shocked the patient additionally (3) more times.

Once Ambulance 44 and Medic 93 arrived at the Brandywine's Emergency Department, the patient had become conscious and breathing on their own and care was turned over to the ER staff.

The second patient was also transported to Brandywine by Westwood Ambulance 144 for minor injuries.

Units: Rescue 44, Ambulance 44-1, Ambulance 144, Traffic 44, Deputy 44
Mutual Aid: Medic 93, Eastbound Fallowfield and South Coatesville PD, Traffic 37, Fling’s Towing