Bicyclist Struck in Parkesburg
By Assistant Chief Adam Grossman
October 3, 2020

On October 1st, 2020, Ambulance 44-1 was dispatched to assist the Keystone Valley Fire Department on Second Avenue in Parkesburg Borough for reports of a bicyclist struck by a vehicle. Ambulance 44-1 arrived on scene and found a child who had been clipped by a passing vehicle. Luckily, the young man sustained very minor injuries, and was treated and released on the scene.

Units from Westwood and Keystone Valley noticed the child could use a new helmet for when he was riding his bike. With the assistance of Officer Vaughn of the West Caln Township Police Department, Westwood and Keystone Valley personnel were able to secure and deliver the helmet to the child, who was very thankful.

This young man is ready to continue cruising the streets!

Remember: Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, and keep alert for traffic and other hazards!

Units: Ambulance 44-1