Westwood EMS Divisions Receive Two AFG Grants
By Westwood Newsdesk
August 26, 2022

Official notification of 2 federal grants was received today for the Westwood Fire Company totaling $118,050. This year's grant will help to purchase Advanced Life Support training aids for our rapidly expanding ALS service and a diesel exhaust extraction system for our Wagontown ALS division.

This brings our federal grant total to 24 awards since the start of the program over 15 years ago.

In the last year, West Brandywine Township graciously renovated part of their Township facility to house an ambulance. The second grant for $24,000 will complement this new facility by allowing for the installation of a diesel exhaust extraction system to protect the crews!

These awards bring Westwood's AFG grant total to an astounding $2,859,414! This also continues an unbelievable streak of all-time leading AFG-program recipient in the nation.