Ambulance Subscription 2023
By Westwood Newsdesk
April 21, 2023

The 2023 Ambulance subscription letter was mailed on January 1st, 2023. Our success to ensure we are able to respond to you during an emergency relies upon your support- now more then ever! Westwood EMS is now the busiest ambulance service in Chester County responding to nearly 7,000 calls per year.

Residents of Valley and East Fallowfield Townships are serviced by our main station on Valley Road in Valley Township. Residents of West Caln, West Brandywine and Wallace Townships are serviced by our ambulance inside the Wagontown Fire Company in West Caln Township, or our Ambulances located at the West Brandywine Township Building on Lafayette Road.

An ambulance subscription to Westwood EMS can benefit you in the time of need for ambulance care and transportation. If we transport you to the hospital, we attempt to bill your insurance carrier. However, our services are not typically entirely covered by insurance. For instance, if we bill $1,000 for our services and your insurance carrier covers $500 of that, you would be responsible for the remaining $500. If you are a member of this subscription drive, we will waive the remaining balance not covered by your insurance, even if you need our ambulance service multiple times during the year. This is a significant cost savings to you!

You may have received a reminder notice but have already contributed to our subscription drive. It's possible that if your voucher is not received with your payment, your payment/voucher came at a time near when we were developing the reminder list to be mailed, or your information is not legible, that we may send a reminder notice. There is also a data entry error for subscribers that paid online. We do have record of your online payment but unfortunately you received a reminder notice. We apologize for this oversight and are working to eliminate any of those instances for the future.

In addition, you can pay online through our website. The ambulance subscription information can be found under community info then "fund drives". Visit us at!

If you have any questions please contact us or (610) 383-0538.