Rescue Company Goes in Service on Buck Run Road
By Westwood Newsdesk
March 28, 2024

On Thursday March 28th, 2024 at 08:00, the Westwood Fire Company was dispatched to Glenrose Road and Buck Run Road in East Fallowfield Township for an auto accident. The call to 911 indicated a two vehicle accident, with one patient requiring EMS. MICU 44-1 and Rescue 44 made an immediate response to this emergency.

Arriving first due Rescue 44 confirmed the report and did a scene size up. It was determined to gain access to the patient and extricate them appropriately, that the Hurst Hydraulic Tools would be needed to disentangle the automobile.

Firefighters immediately went in service with hazard control, by stabilizing the vehicle using wood cribbing blocks and wedges. EMS made contact with the patient inside of the vehicle, while rescue crew members removed the driver side door that was not able to open.

With the car opened up, the patient was now able to be extricated and transferred to the MICU to transport to a local hospital for further treatment. The patient was extricated within 10 minutes of arriving on the scene.

Units: Rescue 44, MICU 44-1