Acquired Structure Training
By Westwood Newsdesk
June 14, 2024

The Westwood Fire Company along with several other Western Chester County fire companies participated in a series of training sessions at the former South Brandywine Middle School in East Fallowfield Township. The former school is slated to be demolished in the coming weeks in order to make way for a new elementary school for our region.

This unique opportunity was made possible in part by Westwood Fire Company presenting to the Coatesville School Board a plan on objectives and tactics that could be accomplished with the abandon building.

Training within commercial properties is a very rare opportunity so we wanted to make every effort to gain approval. The School Board voted in favor of allowing this to happen at their May 28th general meeting.

The following companies participated along with Westwood Fire Company for several sessions over the course of three weeks-
Keystone Valley Fire Department
Sadsburyville Fire Company
East Brandywine Fire Company
Wagontown Fire Company
Honeybrook Fire Company
Lancaster County Christiana Fire Company.

During these sessions crews worked on enhancing their skills with the following objectives-
hose line advancement and selection
forceable entry tactics
Firefighter down rescue techniques (RIT)
Ground ladders and aerial operations
Roof ventilation
Search and Rescue
Breaching walls

A special thank you also goes out to ICS Construction Project Management who will be overseeing the entire project on behalf of the District.

Thank you to Deputy Chief Scott for coordinating this entire project.